Kailua HI Real Estate, Kailua HI area and Community Information

Kailua HI Real Estate, Kailua HI area and Community Information

If you're interested in Kailua real estate, then you might have already looked at some of the Kailua homes for sale on the Kailua HI real estate market. There are plenty of astounding Kailua homes, but you should also take the time to make sure that you like the area that homes for sale in Kailua are located in as well. An experienced realtor can assist you with searching through the homes listed on the market as well as learning more about the area in general.


Kailua properties are located in HI County, Hawaii, and Kailua is one of the oldest areas in the county. There is evidence that Kailua has been home to families more than 1,500 years ago. Archaeological excavations have uncovered various artifacts in the area. According to archaeological reports, the slopes of the marshland indicate that agriculture wasn't possible in the area in those early days. Instead, most of the early families lived along the lagoon or bay close to the water. 

Parks and Recreation

Real estate in Kailua HI is located near plenty of parks and recreational areas as well. Not only are there plenty of local community parks in the area, but there are state parks as well. No matter what park you go to, you're sure to find a variety of amenities, ranging from swimming pools and sporting fields to hiking trails and picnic pavilions. Additionally, the Parks and Recreation committee offers plenty of programs and classes for people of all ages, ranging from children to seniors. Learn more about the parks and recreation in the area by going here: www.HI.gov/parks.html.

Attractions and Activities

The Kailua home buyer who wants to be located near plenty of action and attractions won't be disappointed with the area. No matter whether you enjoy shopping, dining, outdoor recreation or amusements, there is something in the area for you. Some of the most popular attractions in the area include Segway of Kailua Hawaii, Aaron's Dive Shop, Kalama Beach Park, Pillboxes Trail, Manoa Chocolate Hawaii and countless others.


A Kailua HI realtor will also inform you that if you want to live in an area where you can get involved in the community and become an active member, then Kailua is the place for you. Countless events take place in the area every year, some of which take place right on the beach and others of which occur in the parks.
Randy Rogers
Randy Rogers
Principal Broker, Realtor