Diamond Head Honolulu Real Estate, Diamond Head Honolulu area and Community Information

If you've been thinking about moving to a new area, then you might want to take a look at the Diamond Head homes for sale. The Diamond Head homes listed on the Diamond Head real estate market are lovely in their architectural structure, but in addition to liking the looks of the homes, you should also make sure that you like the area where homes for sale in Diamond Head are located. The area where Diamond Head real estate is located will become your new home, so you should make sure that you like all that the area has to offer in the way of amenities and community.


Diamond Head properties are located on the Hawaiian island of O'ahu. The area is named after a volcanic tuff cone located on the island. British sailors are the ones who dubbed the area "Diamond Head" because they mistook the calcite crystals located on the beach for diamonds back in the 19th century. The area was once home to the United States Fort Ruger military base. 

Parks and Recreation

Real estate in Diamond Head Honolulu is located near plenty of parks and recreational areas. The Diamond Head home buyer who wants to be located in an area with plenty of scenic beauty won't be disappointed with all the lovely natural sights that Diamond Head has to offer. Some of the parks in the area include Hawaii State Parks like Ahupua'a O Kahana State Park, 'Aiea Bay State Recreation Area, the Diamond Head State Monument, He'eia State Park, Ka'ena Pointe State Park and many others. To learn more about the parks and recreation in the area, see the following link: www.hawaiistateparks.org.

Attractions and Activities

A Diamond Head real estate agent will likely inform you that there are plenty of attractions and activities to be had in the Diamond Head area to keep you busy in your free time. Thousands of tourists every year travel to the area to see all the natural beauty that it has to offer in the way of its many state parks. However, there is plenty of shopping, dining and entertainment to be had in the area as well. Some of the most popular attractions in the are include the Diamond Head Monument and the Honolulu Museum of Art.


A Diamond Head Honolulu realtor will also inform you that if you want to be in a place with a sense of community, then Diamond Head is the place for you. Many special events take place in the area at the theater and other places. See what's going on via this link: www.diamondheadtheatre.com.

Randy Rogers
Randy Rogers
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