Waikiki Honolulu Real Estate, Waikiki Honolulu area and Community Information

Hawaii is known as the island state of America. It is located off of the west coast and is made up of multiple islands. Waikiki is a beach neighborhood in the state capital of Honolulu, located on the south shore of the island of Oahu. While this is primarily a tourist neighborhood, there are many Waikiki real estate opportunities available. From a permanent residence where you can live all year long, to a vacation rental so you can visit this tropical paradise whenever you want, everyone is sure to find the right Waikiki homes that offer just what you want. The Waikiki real estate agent is always available to help any potential Waikiki home buyer to find that perfect property in this popular paradise.

Waikiki History

Waikiki was initially founded as a getaway for Hawaiian royalty. The royal pastime in the 1800s was surfing and Waikiki offered, and still does offer, the perfect waves, water and conditions that combine to create the ideal surfing experience. Today, there are multiple resorts throughout the beachfront community coupled with surfer-only access to most of the beach.

Recreation in Waikiki

Just about everyone knows that Waikiki is known for surfing but what they don’t always know is that through the City of Honolulu, Waikiki has multiple recreation opportunities available to those who are visiting as well as those who own Waikiki properties. Parks and recreation offers all types of activities, from learning how to shoot a bow to learning how to dance at a luau. These classes give everyone a taste of what life is like for those who have experienced generations raised in Waikiki and the surrounding areas.

Waikiki Attractions

The Waikiki real estate market offers much more than just homes for sale in Waikiki. It offers a way of life that most people do not get to experience on a day to day basis. There is always something to do, something to see and something to experience. Whether you are looking to experience surfing, laying down in the white sand or fishing out in the ocean, you will always find attractions everywhere you go in this pristine beach front community.

Events in Waikiki

There is always something going on in Waikiki. Many national surfing competitions are still held on the beach since the climate tends to always stay the same. Most people enjoy a cloudless day with a subtle breeze. The temperatures typically stay around 80 degrees which is ideal for a summertime sport like surfing. This is why both winter and summer surfing competitions are often held in Waikiki, making real estate in Waikiki Honolulu prime properties.

When you are looking for the perfect Waikiki homes for sale, your Waikiki Honolulu realtor will guide you through the entire process. They will help you find the property that is not only in the perfect location, but the one that will offer you the best views and exceed all of your expectations. Stop dealing with the daily grind, come live in paradise today! 

Randy Rogers
Randy Rogers
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